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Washing machine for FMS flexible automated production line

■Applicable objects:

   Construction machinery, hydraulic, hydraulic and other large products


   Various types of corresponding workpieces
   It is connected by automatic loading and unloading and conveying machines and integrated by a computer system. Each machine accepts operating instructions and automatically loads and unloads the required tools without manual intervention.

■Reference process:

  Automatic loading → All cleaning → Blow drying → Automatic loading

■Detailed specifications (reference):

Device body size

L:4300mm W: 1900mm H:3200mm

Cleaning pressure

0.8MPaor 1 MPa

Corresponding workpiece size

Maximum diameter: ♦ 1050mm Maximum height: 1000mm Weight: 400 ~ 2600kg (including tray) Pallet: 630mm x 630mm

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