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Alkaline ionized water


   For cleaning:
   No cleaning agent needed (strong penetration)
   Good separation of oil and water (decomposes fat and does not emulsify)
   colorless, tasteless, non-irritating
  The liquid replacement cycle is greatly extended
  Reduce the load of wastewater treatment

   For die casting mold cooling:
   Rust prevention (up to only black rust is generated)
   Sterilization (to prevent the formation of bacteria)
  No need for rust inhibitor
  Extend the life of the mold
   reduce costs
  →Use when pH 12.5 drops to 10.5 (need to be diluted 40 times)

■Use effect:

   Example of the effect of oil stain cleaning (test object: the ground contaminated by the cutting liquid at the processing site)

Example of anti-rust effect (test object: iron nail )

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